ACAT Secures Valuable Coverage by Hosting U.K. Media Visits

ACAT’s media relations program in the U.K. includes press releases, media outreach, networking events, and media visits to promote Atlantic Canada as a top travel destination. ACAT’s contracted U.K. media relations firm, The Brighter Group conducts activities on behalf of the region, inspiring U.K. media to produce Atlantic Canada content in newspapers, travel and lifestyle magazines, and television.

In 2018, ACAT has secured a number of media trips for the region from outlets such as ITV This Morning, one of Britain’s top morning news programs with more than 800,000 daily viewers; magazines Lonely Planet, National Geographic Kids, and Glass Magazine; newspapers The Mirror, City AM, Scottish Sun, Hello! Online, and Evening Standard Online.

In recent years, the team has also been harnessing the growing power of social influencers specializing in travel blogs and video platforms. Influencers visiting Atlantic Canada in 2018 include Jeremy Jauncey, founder of Beautiful Destinations (presenting on behalf of ITV This Morning), Hand Luggage Only, Heather on Her Travels, and Paperboyo.

Jeremy Jauncey, founder and CEO, @beautifuldestinations.  Image courtesy of @jeremyjauncey.

Jeremy Jauncey, founder and CEO, @beautifuldestinations. Image courtesy of @jeremyjauncey.