ACAT is Proud to be on the Leading Edge of Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Consider how marketing has changed over time. What we deem today to be the most effective and efficient way to reach our customers may be obsolete next year, or sooner. As markets expand and new platforms emerge, the science and practice of marketing is being transformed by the minute.

ACAT is proud to be on the leading edge, using technology such as artificial intelligence and strategies like influencer marketing. We have incorporated these into our tool box to ensure we penetrate and resonate against our target audience in the US.

Work began on a social media influencer program in early March, with influencers in the region in June and July. A social media influencer is a user on social media who has an established credibility in a specific area such as travel, culinary or lifestyle. They have access to a large audience through their social channels and can persuade them to use a product, visit an area or engage in an activity.
Social Influencers Our ACAT program brings a total of eight influencers to the region from the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions of the US. Each province will see two influencers visit. The influencers will spend a number of days in the province, bringing that province to life through their own special style that connects with and inspires their audience.

A minimum of 10 pieces of custom content will be produced for each province. The best performing content will be amplified with paid drivers. This means paid advertising to entice customers to click through to the newly generated content. All content is approved and owned by each province and can be pushed out further through their own social channels.
Picture1To execute the program, ACAT is working with Time + Space Media, our contracted media planning and buying firm and #Paid, an industry leader in influencer programming. Their proprietary technology and expertise allows brands to be effectively matched with influencers whose content and followers will have the greatest impact on the campaign’s objectives.
Stay tuned for a further updates as the program wraps up.